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Cubic Meters Calculator

CBM Calculator helps user to calculate cubic meters, shipment weight and volume.

It's free tool to calculate CBM for shipping, wood, concrete, sea shipment, air shipment, freight & container.

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Cubic Calculation

CBM (m3)

CFT (ft3)

Volumetric Weight (kg)

Volumetric Weight Sea

Volumetric Weight Air

Approximate Cartons

20FT General

40FT General

20FT Reefer

40FT Reefer

20FT Highcube

40FT Highcube

Are you commencing or running an import-export business? If yes, you surely in need of our CBM Calculator for shipment analysis. By using our calculator, you can get a complete estimation regarding container requirements.

Calculating CBM for products and estimate everyone on your own can be a difficult task. It can become a little bit complicated and one mistake can lead to wrong results that may spoil your all estimations in the future. These things will become a reason for bad consequences that may delay your shipment or create hurdles to waste time only.

With our properly created and technically coded CBM calculator, you will not face any problems. We created this online calculator only to make things easier for you. In addition to this, you don’t have to spend a single penny or download anything to use this calculation tool.

While using our Cubic Meter Calculator, all you need to do is provide some basic details, such as – height, width, and length of your shipment. Rest our tool will calculate everything and showcase the results in multiple ways to provide complete clarity easily.

  • Result in cubic meters
  • Result in cubic feet
  • Volumetric weight for sea shipment
  • Volumetric weight for air shipment
  • How many boxes or products can be fitted in a container of 20 feet, 40 feet, 20 feet (HC), and 40 feet (HC)

It can help you a lot to figure out what kind of containers are suitable for your shipment and how many you want.

If you want to gather more details about CBM and related factors, check out upcoming details.

What Is CBM?

The full form of CBM is Cubic Meters. It represents the volume values in cubic metric units. Generally, these are used in container shipment-related activities. With the help of such calculations, the users can figure out how much space or containers they really want to get their products shipped completely. Sometimes, people may want results in cubic feet values, you should focus on the following equation.

1 CBM (m3) = 35.3145 cu ft

It is the basic thing that you can do to bring changes in the calculation and get final volume values as you want. By following such ways, you can easily change it in feet, inches, or centimeters. While doing calculations manually, the chances of mistakes become higher. A wrong calculation may lead to the wrong estimation of container requirements.

It may create problems when it comes to loading goods in a container for dispatching. You can use our online calculator for CBM for shipping goods or in feet. Our calculator will help you by providing 100% accurate stats and data. It will also provide outputs regarding the number of containers you may need.

How To Calculate CBM For Shipping?

CBM calculation is an important part of the shipment process. It is the only way that can help you figure out and estimate the shipment cost. You can calculate CBM by using a simple formula.

Cubic Meters (CBM) = Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

Calculation of cubic meter for shipping by using one cartoon data can be done manually easily. When it comes to calculating cubic meters of a complete consignment along with additional calculations, such as – volumetric weight, container requirement, volume in feet, etc., you may face some struggle. Here, manual calculations will become too complex.

For the result accuracy and proper CBM calculations, the individuals need to be focused on the usage of technical resources, such as – calculator. Here, our CBM calculator can help you out. It is coded and created with multiple features and the capability of solving complex calculations quickly. In manual calculations, firstly, you need to get the CBM of one box or cartoon by using the previous formula and then you should multiple it with total quantity.

Total Volume = Cubic Meter x Quantity

In the case of getting answers in feet, we already mention a value of 1 cubic meter in feet. You can multiple total CBM volume to feet value. It will be useful in getting limited values and consume too much time. The use of technical resources for Cubic feet CFT volume can provide more information and data within a few seconds.

What Does Volumetric Weight Mean?

Most commonly, people consider total weight as the chargeable one. In the case of shipment, the chargeable weight is calculated with volumetric weight formulas. When you do the calculations, you can find a big difference in both results. Here, you can understand what volumetric weight is and how it is different from the total weight.

Total Weight

Getting the total weight of the consignment is not difficult. Here, you need to calculate the weight of a single box and then calculate with total quantity. It is a simple method that generally people follow. In the case of volumetric weight, things and conditions are a little bit different. You can also calculate it with our CBM Calculator.

Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight works on the principle of size instead of actual weight. In some cases, people have light-weighted items for shipping that may be huge in size but too light in weight. It is the biggest reason that’s why volumetric weight is considered for shipping charges and additional procedures. It calculates consignment weight according to its size, not actual weight. The formula for calculating volumetric weight is the following.

Volumetric Weight (KG) = (Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H) x Quantity) / 5000

Here, you can see the constant value 5000. Most commonly, it is used for volumetric weight in case of sea shipment. With changes in the mode of shipment or shipment source, this constant value is also changed. With our Cubic Meter Calculator, you can get values regarding both sea and air shipment consignments.

If you are planning to dispatch goods or a consignment via road, then the constant value will become 6000. All these things are dependent on the mode of shipment you chose. For more clarity, you can discuss everything with your shipment advisor or personnel. All shipment companies have different policies and methods. Some companies work by choosing total weight and some by volumetric weight.

In case you want to ship some dense and too heavy goods that are compact in size, volumetric weight shipment can help you a lot. Here, you can get volumetric weight lesser than actual weight and it will save you money. You can see a major difference in both weight values while dealing with highly light items.

Why Do You Need CBM Calculator?

Many people don’t understand the importance of online sources to calculate CBM for shipping. According to them, it can be done manually by using basic resources. In reality, the exports have to deal with multiple calculations when it comes to getting all stats or data about a shipment. Manual calculation of all these things is not an appropriate way and highly time-consuming. If you use a calculator that specially designed and functions for shipment calculations only, it will make lots of things better.

An online calculator for a cubic meter for shipping can help you save lots of time. Along with it, you have the surety of result accuracy. Based on such values, you can complete your shipment estimations and budgets quickly. The complete calculation procedure will take a few seconds only.

With all these things, you cannot ignore that over 90% of international trade and shipments are dependent on sea routes. It means the majority of international traders are in the requirement of this particular kind of calculator. The main reason behind it is the shipment cost. When it comes to dispatching a consignment internationally via air or sea, you can find the sea route the cheapest. In case you need to get items delivered as soon as possible, you should consider air.

These are some major facts and elements regarding CBM, its calculations, sources, and calculator requirements. Use our CBM calculator today to figure out the cubic feet CFT volume of your consignment.


1. How to calculate cubic meters for shipping?

Width (meter) x Length (meter) x Height (meter) = Cubic meter (m3)

Enter your cm into our calculator and instantly get cubic meter and how many boxes fit in a container.

2. How many cubic feet in a cubic meter?

1 Cubic Meter = 35.3147 Cubic Feet

3. Could I use a cubic meter calculator for free?

Yes, Our main purpose is for helping people.

4. How to calculate CBM in cm?

Width (meter) x Length (meter) x Height (meter) / 1,000,000 = Cubic meter (m3)

5. Which Industries Use CBM Calculator Tool?

  • Import - Export Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Freight Forwarding Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Shipping And Logistics Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Other Manufacturing Industry

Container Specification

1. 20ft. Container (General)

Outside = 20' 0" Feet (Length) X 8' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 19' 4" Feet (Length) X 7' 10" Feet (Height) X 7' 8" Feet (Width)

2. 40ft. Container (General)

Outside = 40' 0" Feet (Length) X 8' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 39' 5" Feet (Length) X 7' 10" Feet (Height) X 7' 8" Feet (Width)

3. 20ft. High Cube Container

Outside = 19' 10" Feet (Length) X 9' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 19' 4" Feet (Length) X 8' 10" Feet (Height) X 7' 8" Feet (Width)

4. 40ft. High Cube Container

Outside = 40' 0" Feet (Length) X 9' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 39' 5" Feet (Length) X 8' 10" Feet (Height) X 7' 8" Feet (Width)

5. 20ft. Refrigerated Container

Outside = 19' 10" Feet (Length) X 8' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 17' 8" Feet (Length) X 7' 5" Feet (Height) X 7' 5" Feet (Width)

6. 40ft. Refrigerated Container

Outside = 40' 0" Feet (Length) X 8' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 37' 8" Feet (Length) X 7' 2" Feet (Height) X 7' 5" Feet (Width)

7. 40ft. High Cube Refrigerated Container

Outside = 40' 0" Feet (Length) X 9' 6" Feet (Height) X 8' 0" Feet (Width)

Inside = 37' 8" Feet (Length) X 8' 2" Feet (Height) X 7' 5" Feet (Width)